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The skills
to perform

Yver People are experts in finding skilled, hands-on technical specialists throughout Europe. Welcome!

Attract hard-to-find-technical specialists

Welcome! These words hold great significance at Yver. The high-quality manufacturing industry in the Netherlands can no longer succeed without international skilled technical specialists. And we are able to find them across Europe. And because we look after them, they are happier in their work and stay with us for longer. Yver People brings them to your door: with the skills to perform.

Placements undertaken
Success rate after 6 months

"You can't propose a candidate for a position until you really know what is involved in doing the job"

Finding the right employees

With more than 20 years of experience in recruiting technical staff, we understand what and who you need. And we know how to find and attract that person into a career in the Netherlands.


"Our skilled technical workers add immediate value."

International recruitment of technical specialists

Yver can supply you with motivated, skilled and dependable employees from across Europe who fit seamlessly into the desired technical profile. We offer this service to Dutch clients in the high-quality manufacturing industry who desperately need qualified employees. We currently work for 25 clients, with whom we have now placed more than 1200 skilled workers. Last but not least, over 80% of the placed professionals are still working for our client after 6 months.