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Mariusz on his experience with Yver: generous care and attention

Mariusz Krajewski left Poland for the Netherlands in May of this year, where he started work as a laser operator at VDL VDS. Quite a challenge, starting a new life on your own in a (still) unknown country. He encountered Yver through his cousin, who works at the same company. His positive experience was the deciding factor for Mariusz to partner with Yver. And vice versa: with ten years of experience under his belt, he was a good match for Yver. Mariusz shares his experience.


“Upon arrival at the airport, I was welcomed with open arms by an Yver employee. She helped me with all the necessary documents and papers and took me to my new home. Everything lived up to what they had promised to take care of via e-mail. This was my first real physical engagement with Yver, so that immediately inspired confidence.”

Totally committed

“I haven’t been in the Netherlands that long, so it’s great when people check in on you every now and then. Yver contacts me regularly and visits me weekly to see how I’m doing. They send me mails, ring me regularly and generally reassure me. They are totally straight to the point – so you always know where you stand. They really take care of you, and it’s just nice when someone’s keeping an eye on you. Whenever I ask something, they immediately make time for me.”

Great workplace, nice place to live

“A good workplace is important, but a ‘home’ is just as important. And so, life outside of work must be good too. In a place where you can unwind and feel comfortable. I share my apartment with another Yver employee and have my own room with sufficient privacy. And it’s also within cycling distance of my workplace, so it’s ideal! I often work with colleagues from my home country, so that makes for easy communication. The work and working environment are excellent and everyone is happy to help you.”

“They are totally straight to the point – so you always know where you stand”