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Nicolae’s experience with Yver: a warm welcome for him and his family

In January this year, Nicolae Patan started as a CNC Operator at Fokker, thanks to Yver’s mediation role. He left his life behind in Romania and moved to the Netherlands. But moving to another country brings numerous challenges, especially when you also have to find a suitable home for your entire family. Yver assisted Nicolae and his family with the move, and he shares his story. 


“When you move to another country, there’s so much to consider. An unfamiliar environment, a new job, new colleagues, a foreign language. Unfortunately, my wife and children couldn’t join me immediately because we couldn’t find the right home. Fortunately, Yver came to the rescue. If I proved myself at work, they would bring my family over to the Netherlands. And that’s just what happened! Not only did they offer me a fantastic job at Fokker, but they also arranged a family home for us in no time. This personal involvement really made all the difference.”

First foray in a new country

“Initially, I lodged in accommodation that Yver had arranged for me, shared with some of my colleagues. Here you had your own private room, a cleaner came once a week, and it was only a stone’s throw from my work. Everything was arranged to perfection. A great start!”

Peace of mind on all fronts

“Yver was proactive throughout. They arranged a car, provided me with all the necessary information to register in the Netherlands, offered me an exceptionally good job and were always ready to answer my questions. We were in regular contact and built a warm relationship. But best of all is that they offered my wife, children and myself a family home which we’ve just moved into, and we are loving it. We can now create a new life together here.

We feel happy here. My son and daughter now attend the local school and we feel completely at home in our new house. This is a great start for us, and we hope to be here for a long time.”


“Best of all, they offered my wife, children and myself a family home. We can now create a new life together here”