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Flowserve – Yver’s client and leading partner

One of our clients is the American company Flowserve, global manufacturer of pumps, mechanical seals, valves and actuators. The Etten-Leur branch was looking for new staff and engaged Yver. Kees Broos, supervisor of training and instruction at Flowserve, shares his experience.


“Our focus lies primarily on finding innovators with the appropriate expertise and experience. Yver were able to help us enormously in this regard. Initially, we were keen to assess the proposed candidates based on their CV as well as a trial day, to see what they had to offer. That’s really a thing of the past now.”

Contact with Yver

“Yver knows what a true professional must be able to offer and understands exactly what kind of people we need. It allows them to conduct a highly focused search ensuring less intervention between us. You’re able to let go because you know: it’s all good. You can depend on Yver. That saves us a great deal of time and energy.”

Looking after your employees

“It is blindly obvious that Yver is genuinely committed to both clients and employees. They regularly visit the shopfloor to see how employees are performing. They also arrange suitable housing, often no more than 10 to 15 kilometres from the workplace, which of course is really great.

The professionals they provide are extremely skilled in their fields. And because they are so carefully selected, they are up and running quickly. And oh yeah, they speak English – which is a must.

We now have complete confidence in Yver’s ability to supply high-quality professionals who are immediately deployable. This belief is based on years of experience: they always deliver outstanding professionals.”

“At Yver we know: it’s a good fit, you can depend on Yver”