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Wilvo and Yver – a lasting partnership

One of our clients is the leading metalworking company Wilvo. Stemming from the need for more staff, the company started looking for a reliable and trusted partner who could support them in these matters. Yver turned out to be the right match. Cain Hendriks, HR manager at Wilvo, tells us more about this collaboration.


“Our working relationship with Yver has lasted years. There was also a real need because we were short-staffed. We weren’t able to find the necessary skilled workers in the region, so it was time to bring in migrant workers. But then you still have to find the right partner for this joint venture. Without migrant workers, we would never have been able to balance our staffing levels. And we would never have secured this growth trajectory. We’re totally grateful to Yver for this.”

Above-average intervention

“Yver always goes the extra mile to perfect operations. They offer exceptional attention to the migrant workers’ welfare which is definitely worth a compliment. Naturally, you have to deal with matters such as housing and permits – and they take care of all that. They pick people up from the airport, accompany them to their new place of residence and help them manage important documentation. Talk about a soft landing!

The skilled workers always meet our requirements. Yver’s selection process is meticulous. Providing us with technical professionals with the right training, education and solid experience who can be placed for extended periods.”

Yver as a dependable partner

“At Yver, the focus lies on proper screening, qualified staff and sustainable placements. They are incredibly transparent, and also demonstrate critical appraisal of the staff they supply. They also make sure everything is taken care of from start to finish. Should things turn out otherwise than expected? They do everything in their power to sort it out as quickly as possible.

Cooperation is paramount: Yver is your initiative-taking partner. We really do this together. It’s not a customer-supplier relationship, but a partnership.”

“It’s not a customer-supplier relationship, but a real partnership”