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Supply and demand found in one place

We are Yver. We excel in finding the right technical people for the right job. And we go to great lengths to achieve this goal.

Finding and attrachting the right employees

With our vast experience and engineering knowledge, we understand this business like no other. Through careful screening and selection, we know exactly how to accurately fill our clients’ technical roles. With immediately deployable technical knowledge and skills, qualified for the position and consequently invaluable to your organization.

We refer to these as the skills to perform.

What can you expect from us?

International network

Using our international network of recruiters, we are able to recruit locally; our established partners have the knowhow and network which assists us in finding that needle in a haystack. Through careful selection processes and a personalized approach, we can deliver on our promises.

Screening & selection

We always conduct the screening & selection process ourselves. Because we have an engineering background ourselves, we understand job profiles and understand business processes. Guaranteeing the right fit in the right position.

Building a future

We believe a warm welcome is more than just a roof over your head. When asking people to come and work in the Netherlands, it should be a sound move in every respect. They must be given the opportunity to adopt an integrated position in society, possibly with the whole family. They need to be able to create a future. Therefore, we strive to secure tenure for the employee with the client as soon as is reasonably possible.

Strongly motivated

A warm welcome also means you too should make yourself welcome. It works both ways. Our candidates are highly motivated. We only speak of a successful mediation when our employees have been employed for at least six months, to everyone’s complete satisfaction. Only then have we established a lasting working relationship.

Rapid deployment, short on-the-job training period

Lasting relationships are created through attention to detail. We keep lines of communication short and the contact simple. This creates a bond and instils confidence. This is how we manage to attract the best candidates, who seamlessly match the requested technical profile. Those who can be deployed quickly with a short onboarding period.


Getting acquainted? Always welcome!